A Bo Ut T He A Ss Oc Ia Ti On
ARCOHAB (Association for Respectful Cohabitation) is an Incorporated Association established in June 2017.

Its founding members with backgrounds in academia, the arts, and animal and environment protection have cooperated informally over the years in the aforementioned areas.

The formalisation of this cooperation has two principal goals:

Direct anthropogenic violence against other animals and the planet, coupled with human population and material expansion has substantially undermined other animals’ lives and living spaces, with its effect on human wellbeing also becoming increasingly evident. Nonhuman animals are either enslaved and exploited for human interest (as food, workforce, entertainment, etc.) or left to fend for themselves in a vastly reduced, fragmented and depleted “wild” where they are subjected to further human violence in the name of hunting, sport or even “conservation killing”.

ARCOHAB supports projects and initiatives that seek to minimise human impact on the world, restore habitats, protect lives, enhance liveability and promote freedom and self-determination for all animals. ARCOHAB recognises the powerful impact every individual has in shaping the world, and encourages people to use this power by implementing changes at a personal level for the benefit of humans, other animals and the rest of the planet.

Any activity undertaken by ARCOHAB reflects the view and understanding that all animals, regardless of species, have intrinsic value as individuals and are thus worthy of equal moral consideration. Any rescue and/or care process endorsed by ARCOHAB ensures that the animal is properly provided for and that his/her biological, psychological and social needs are met.

The People (in alphabetic order)

Hon. Assoc. Prof David Brooks, PhD (Secretary)
Teya Brooks Pribac, PhD (President)
Jason Grossman, PhD (Treasurer)
Clare Mann
Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, PhD
Lynda Stoner (Vice president)
Veronica Sumegi
Dr Christine Townend (Vice president)
Jeremy Townend

The Association is not accepting new members until further notice.