The following is straight from a Live Journal post. I should probably edit it later. One thing I should have mentioned is not to give dogs onions (garlic is fine though) or chocolate.

I want to add that if I had a dog on a vegan diet long term, I would do a lot more research! But I know many very healthy and happy vegan dogs, so it must be possible, and people who've done more research than I have agree that it's not terribly hard.

So, I briefly looked after a vegetarian dog, and his diet would be easy to convert to vegan. The only non-vegan things he had were the odd egg and sometimes a bit of cheese.

This dog switched to vegetarianism mostly for health, and was indeed much healthier after going vegetarian.


Maybe obvious, but you'll need more of this stuff than if you were feeding meat.

Chuck it all together in a big pot and cook until er cooked.

That's it! You don't need anything else, provided you use a good variety of veggies. Can be mostly cheap veggies, e.g. carrots, potatos.

Another alternative is Vegan Pet dog food, which is nutritionally complete, but expensive. You can get it from the Cruelty Free Shop, and other places.