Philosophy Of Computing Topics
Academic to ask about academic toreminolyg to search for about contempt culture:

Orthogonality in the configuration of operating systems

* OR (current maintainer is in Sydney)

Topics from [Google doc](

* The reading for this would be quite heavy and written by mathematicians

* Super broad but would be able to combine philosophy/linguistics/computing

* Can take ideas from linguistics and apply them to computing

* Might need heavy reading though

* Bad/useless?

* Intercal

* Could make up classifications

* Does academic stuff exist or only opinion articles?

* Check for reading by educationy people

* Does seeing computer science as more mathsy lead to more open-mindedness? (e.g. seeing computer science as interdisciplinary, combining it with humanities)

Shorter shortlist

* e.g. the idea that programming in Haskell makes you look at problems in a certain way

* What restrictions does Haskell put on you that make you approach problems differently when switching to a different language?

* Would need to see if the reading for this is good

* Could be concrete AND abstract

* Good to look at examples from Lisp - it's existed since way before Haskell