Philosophy Of The Cosmos - Timetable
You should come to all the lectures, and to one tutorial a week.

If you absolutely have to miss a lecture or a tutorial, it's your responsibility to talk to the lecturer / tutor to find out whether you've missed any announcements or handouts. Keeping an eye on this web site will also help.

Tuesdays 9—10 am
Wednesdays 3—4 pm
Thursdays 4—5 pm

All lectures are in lecture theatre T3 in the Manning Clark Centre:


Tuesdays 11—12, John Dedman 1179
Tuesdays 12—1, John Dedman 1179
Tuesdays 3—4, John Dedman 1179
Wednesdays 11—12, Crisp G015
Wednesdays 1—2, John Dedman 1179

Tutorials start in week THREE.

John Dedman is the Maths building:
Crisp is

On Tuesday 4 March (weather permitting), we'll be running a tour of Mount Stromlo Observatory. This is not compulsory, but it is a lot of fun. (This is now in the past. Do not wait for 4 March to happen again.)

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